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My Favorite Bookmarks - Graham Spencer

Picks from the CTO of Excite.

Who: CTO of Excite



Favorite Search Engine: Excite ( - surprise!

Surfing Manifesto: I use the Web whenever it's more convenient than the offline alternative - to check the news, to look up phone numbers, to buy books.

House of the Rising Punk Huge list of links to bands, labels, and trivia.

intrrr nrrrd Excellent Web-based punk zine. Great info on all your favorite conspiracies, written with a sense of humor.

ParaScope A good source of information about weird stuff, though the tone is a little credulous.

The X-Files Sure, it's the official site, but it's very well done and very thorough. It even has a complete episode guide.

Santa Fe Institute Lots of interesting research on artificial life and on complexity theory. A complete guide to the world's handiest programming language.

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