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Snapchat Hires Pandora Exec As New VP Of Product

Tom Conrad, who spent a decade at the music-streaming service, will now report to Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel.

[Photo:@kmeron for LeWeb12 Conference]

As of Monday, Snapchat has a new VP of product. The company has hired former Pandora VP of product and CTO Tom Conrad, reports Re/code. Conrad spent more than a decade at Pandora before leaving the company in 2014. At Snapchat, Conrad will report directly to CEO Evan Spiegel.

Conrad is an important hire for Snapchat, notes Re/code. The company is currently in the midst of trying to scale its user base, which stands at 100 million daily active users now. The company also needs to figure out a way to boost its revenues. Both of the goals are time consuming and would be a lot of work for any CEO. But now that Conrad is on board overseeing product, it frees Evans to focus on the business side of things. Snapchat is currently valued at $16 billion and is targeting $300 to $350 million in revenue in 2016, says Re/code.

Neither Conrad nor Snapchat has revealed what is in store for the company’s product in the future, but Snapchat did release a statement confirming Conrad’s hire. "We’re excited to welcome Tom to the Snapchat team," the statement said.