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Check Out This Long-Lost Video of Steve Jobs Unveiling NeXT

Footage was thought lost until researchers discovered it while making the "Steve Jobs" film.

[Photo: Ann E. Yow-Dyson/Getty Images]

Steve Jobs is remembered for accomplishing so many things: the creation of the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone, and Apple itself. Yet the man who has an almost mythical stature in the tech industry had his fair share of failures, too—the most obvious of which was NeXT, the company he founded after being forced out of Apple in 1985.

NeXT produced workstations aimed at the education and business markets, but the company faltered due to the high cost of the machines and their adoption of a closed system architecture. Over the course of its life, NeXT sold fewer than 50,000 units. However, NeXT’s failure would ultimately lead Jobs back to Apple, as the Cupertino company bought it in 1996 primarily for its NeXTSTEP operating system, which would become the foundation of OS X.

The unveiling of NeXT was featured as the second act in Danny Boyle’s and Aaron Sorkin’s critically acclaimed, but commercial dud of a film, Steve Jobs. During research for that film, Cult of Mac reports, members of the production team uncovered two VHS tapes of Jobs’s NeXT keynote at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall on October 12, 1988. Before this, it was believed that footage of the entire event had been lost forever.

You can watch the complete NeXT keynote in full below. Though the quality is a bit shaky in parts, it’s still a fascinating record of one of the most defining moments in Steve Jobs’s life.

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