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You Know What's Better Than The Puppy Bowl? Puppy Bowl VR

This is possibly the most adorable use of VR we've seen yet.

On Sunday, February 7, millions of Americans across the nation will tune in to one of this country’s most sacred and time-honored traditions: Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. More riveting and important than the other televised sporting event airing opposite it, this year’s Puppy Bowl XII will feature 84 puppies (not nearly enough, I say) licking, pawing, and generally cute-ing their way across the gridiron.

This year, the Puppy Bowl is offering die-hard puppy superfans (me, you, the rest of humanity) the ability to catch all the fluffy, high-octane action up close in 360-degree video and virtual reality. And honestly, it’s about time. What better way to use this emerging technology? Presidential debates? Basketball? No. Puppies, so close you can almost smell their puppy breath.

This is why we soldier on toward a future of never leaving our couches for anything ever again. For the sake of puppies.