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IBM, Under Armour Team Up To Bring Cognitive Computing To Fitness Apps

The new app will help athletes develop personalized training regimens based on their individual needs.

[Photo: Flickr user Oscar Rethwill]

IBM’s Watson is already being used to apply cognitive computing in a wide range of industries and technologies, from education to banking to winemaking to urban planning, and so much more. So why not health and fitness apps?

That’s the premise behind a new partnership announced at CES in Las Vegas today between IBM and Under Armour.

The result of the pact is the UA Record app, a cognitive coaching system that the companies hope will work as a personal health consultant, fitness trainer, and assistant. The idea, they said in a release, is to offer athletes "timely, evidence-based coaching around your sleep, fitness, activity, and nutrition."

Under Armour will add new features to the app over the coming year. Those will include behavioral and performance management that is based on already existing metrics but personalized for new users; food consumption tracking and nutrition management that could be based on visual recognition of images of food, as well as recommendations based on Watson’s ability to incorporate users’ personal dietary restrictions; and weather and environmental-based training recommendations.