Report: Uber provided phones and credit cards to contrators to sabotage Lyft.

Report: Uber Provided Phones And Credit Cards To Contractors To Sabotage Lyft

A new report in The Verge unearths some of the aggressive tactics employed by the ride-share service.

Earlier this month, Lyft publicly accused Uber associates of summoning and then canceling thousands of rides at the last second. Uber flat-out denied that those requests were true, but now it looks like we have some evidence as to where those marching orders came from.

In an excellent new report, The Verge's Casey Newton writes that Uber has been secretly running an internal program called Operation "SLOG" that offers commission to Uber contractors for stealing drivers away from Lyft. Although those rewards can vary, contractors can be awarded up to $750 per driver recruited.

But that's not even the nuttiest part. Uber was also reportedly supplying its SLOG contractors with burner phones and credit cards with which to carry out the sabotage. In one email sent out to "Sloggers," one Uber marketing manager ended a sentence with the hashtag #shavethestache. (Referring to its much smaller competitor's fluffy pink mustaches.)

Apparently Uber tried to get ahead of the report by publishing a blog post. But you should really read the whole thing at The Verge. It's crazy stuff.

[Image: Flickr user Wonderlane]

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  • Justus Aguy

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