Instagram adds analytics tools for advertisers to track their campaigns by @alicetruong via @FastCompany
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Instagram Adds Analytics Tools So Advertisers Can Track Their Campaigns

New tools will help marketers track the reach of their posts and determine the best times to share.

Instagram said Thursday it will be rolling out new analytics tools for advertisers in the coming months.

Brands already know the value of Instagram. A report published earlier this year found engagement on Instagram to be 15 times higher than on Facebook, with users spending an average of 257 minutes on the app per month.

With this new set of tools, they'll be able to quantify the reach and impressions of their organic and sponsored posts. Instagram said these features will give marketers real-time campaign data and help them learn the best times to post a photo or video.

In addition, a new ad staging tool will let advertisers preview, save, and collaborate across their team on upcoming campaigns.

"We’ve worked closely with several of our advertising partners to make sure these tools meet their needs," the company said in a blog post. "We’re now making them available to all Instagram advertisers, whose feedback will help us improve the product before releasing it to additional brands later this year."

[Image: Flickr user r2hox]

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  • benbrausen

    Why do so many insist on comparing engagement rates across social networks? They aren't the same. People click the "Like" button for EVERYTHING on Instagram. It's not that they care about it any more than elsewhere but it's made far easier and unlike Facebook, it doesn't help to dictate what you see so doing it for every single picture in your feed means nothing.

    The way we engage on different networks is totally different. They shouldn't be compared. Saying that one network is more engaging than the others is simply shortsighted.