It Would Cost Each User $232 A Year For An Ad-Free Internet, Study Finds

An advertising company you probably haven't heard of crunched the numbers.

We all know that ads are the lifeblood of the Internet. Annoying? Sure. You'd be hard-pressed, though, to find anyone who didn't understand that they were a necessary evil.

But what would happen if we were to somehow—miraculously?—dispense with all the ads? How much would you be willing to pay? One U.K. video ad platform called Ebuzzing conducted an interesting (if intentionally oversimplified) study calculating the average value of each user in a noble attempt to figure out how much it would cost to support an ad-free Internet. Per the Telegraph:

Video ad platform Ebuzzing calculated the average 'value' of each web user by dividing the amount of money spent on digital advertising in the UK in 2013 (£6.4 billion) by the number of UK web users (45 million).

Note that the figure is U.K.-only. According to Ebuzzing's math, though, it would cost £140, or $232.24 per year, for an ad-free Internet. That's about two months' worth of a Comcast bill.

The company then polled 1,400 U.K. customers, asking if they would be willing to pay that figure for a year of no-ads browsing: 98% said no. (Perhaps they all have ad blockers installed.)

So there you have it. An ad platform you probably haven't heard of found that online ads are vital to the web's continued existence. Glad we settled that.

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  • thtruthshallsetyoufree

    This is a stupid idea. This will allow the non-digital media providers keep 100% of the ad revenue without worrying about losing it to digital media. Advertising on the internet is just beginning. First, the charge for an ad on the internet has always been a joke. An ad on the internet should generate more if not the same revenue as an ad on television, radio, in a magazine or newspaper. I've never look at the Sports or Cars section in our daily newspaper. Yet the "Advertiser" still had to pay for an ad that I will never see. An ad on the internet should cost from $10 to $50 CPM as a minimum. Second, the content providers should be getting more and ultimately will be getting more when the issue of not getting a proper fee for ads placed on a site is finally addressed and corrected. My ad on the internet has a major advantage when compared to an ad in none digital media. We know where you are. Sometimes we know who you are. On top of that you have the opportunity to click-thru for more