The best @FiftyShades of Grey trailer mashups by @kcifeanyi via @FastCompany

First, the original.

Fifty Shades of Parker: I wonder if Spidey uses his web as rope?

Fifty Shades Of Frozen: Prince Hans isn’t going to “let it go” until he’s damn well ready to.

Fifty Shades Of Scooby: Obviously, Daphne and Fred were hooking up, but this is just…oh, man.

Fifty Shades of Grey Cat: “Mr. Grey will see you meow…”

Fifty Shades Of Gray: Only marginally less exciting than the original.

The Best "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Trailer Mashups

Get ready to feel even dirtier than before.

Here we have the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer—2:33 minutes of unadulterated titillation that has set hearts (and other things) all aflutter thanks in no small part to Beyoncé's borderline-NSFW remix of "Crazy In Love"):

And in the slideshow above we have what the Internet has done with said Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer. Prepare to have your innocence destroyed.

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