Watch artist/boxer Bart van Polanen Petel pound art to life by @kcifeanyi via @FastCompany

Paintboxing Is Exactly What It Sounds Like And It's Awesome

Watch artist/boxer Bart van Polanen Petel pound his canvas to life.

Bart van Polanen Petel describes himself as a Dutch boxer/painter. To be clear, Petel doesn’t box by day and paint by night: His boxing gloves are the tools he uses to pound out his masterpieces on canvas-wrapped punching bags.

"As a boxer, I am inspired by this primal nature of pugilism. As an artist, I pay tribute," Petel says in his artist’s statement. "Instead of crushing bones and shattering teeth, I use my fists to create. I use exclusively boxing techniques, with real boxing gloves. No brush allowed."

Each painting can take up to three hours and cost as much as £1000 (about $1,680) a pop.

But Petel isn’t the only painting pugilist: Ukranian heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko made headlines recently for his collaboration with Monotype to paint, i.e., punch, 26 letters to create a new typeface for charity.

May we please imagine what a painting bout between Petel and Klitschko would be like? Better yet, may we please imagine painting working its way into other brutal sports: Paintwrestling…Paintrugby…PaintMMA?

Go forth and (aggressively) create, Internet.

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  • Cute. His "masterpieces" only take 3 hours? Let's see, that's $560/hr minus supplies. Hmmm. Nice workif you can get it, and if your entire artistic expression is based on gimmick. How does one square that effort with those who truly know their craft, who study, learn techniques, and explore deeply the entire world of visual expression? Sad, when art is driven by market instead of excellence and expertise.

  • Justin Paul Ware

    Ushio Shinohara. Respect owed. Please watch "Cutie and the Boxer."

  • casimon

    "As a boxer, I am inspired by this primal nature of pugilism. As an artist, I pay tribute. " Errrm is that "pugilism" or "plagiarism"? How about paying tribute to Ushio Shinohara?

  • Justin Chester Monahan

    No mention of the Paintboxing O.G. Ushio Shinohara? Subject of the Oscar nominated Doc "Cutie and the Boxer".