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Quote Of The Week: "Just Build Stuff"

Feeling bogged down by the details of starting something new? Get back to scrappy with this week's quote.

Every Monday, tune in to Fast Company Leadership for a quote to get your week started right.

When the biggest players in the sharing economy came together for the Airbnb-hosted Open Air Summit in April, there were bound to be quote-worthy moments.

One of our favorites was short, sweet, and to the point—just as the quick-and-dirty stages of a startup should be—from the cofounder of Y Combinator, Paul Graham:

"Just build stuff."

Graham used Airbnb's early days to illustrate: Begun as mattresses on floors of San Francisco apartments, it's now a success to the tune of 11 million guests. "If you think about it, a surprising number of the most successful startups were not even supposed to be businesses in the beginning. They were just projects," he said.

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[Base Photo by Alice Truong, Illustration by Robbie Jones for Fast Company]

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