“We came up with a name (Elabrew) that reflected our purpose, our mission, and why we got into the coffee business--to elevate the coffee experience.”

"Drinking coffee is a daily habit for many people, and I think it’s important for them to know where it’s coming from, how it’s roasted, and that they are not only tasting something good but also doing something good for the farmers, roasters, and baristas that put so much care into making it."

"I wanted a van that was sleeker, more designed, more efficient, and more durable, because I was in it for the long haul. I thought, ‘If the face of our company is a van, I need to make sure the foundation is correct,’ and that’s why I turned to a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter."

"The Sprinter goes well with our branding because we care so much—not only about the quality of our products but also our overall presentation. With our drinks, there’s the art of the latte, but there’s also the murals that we have, the art installations we have in our shop, and with our van, the whole truck is painted by hand."

"Our Sprinter has specialty machine grinders, a La Marzocco GB/5 espresso machine, a coffee brewer, an ice maker, refrigeration, and everything else you need to pass regulation, such as a three-compartment sink. We even have our own generator and water tanks that last almost all day."

"A big part of our company is also the art. If you look at both sides of the truck, you see it has a personality, a soul. When we first got the van, it was a blank canvas with endless possibilities, and it really inspired our company and our art director, Joerael Elliott. The exterior represents the freedom that the van enables us to have on the operations side."

"On the roof, it says ‘coffee’ really big so that people can see it from tall buildings."

"With our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter coffee truck, Elabrew has been able to get exposure that we wouldn’t normally get, because our brick-and-mortar shop doesn’t have any visibility from the outside on the street. It also gives us the flexibility to go out on the road and serve coffee to schools, companies, concertgoers, and everyday people who may have never consumed specialty coffee before. We can make specialty coffee approachable and accessible, no matter how much or how little our customers know about it. Ultimately, the van has helped us make people happy about what they’re consuming."

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Art & Soul: Elevating the Coffee Experience

Elabrew founder Joy Park is making better coffee more accessible.

Joy Park's mission when she founded Elabrew was to introduce Los Angeles to specialty coffee through quality, accessibility, and approachability. With a café in Santa Monica, a newly opened location in downtown Los Angeles, and a striking Mercedes-Benz Sprinter storefront, Elabrew is bringing high-quality coffee to the people. Since launching in 2011, Elabrew has continued to fulfill its mission of elevating the coffee experience, as passionate baristas deliver a delicate blend of art and soul to their customers.

Joy Park is the Founder of Elabrew.

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