Do your f*cking tastebuds a favor & try YouTube sensation Auntie Fee's recipes by @kcifeanyi via @FastCompany
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Do Your F*cking Tastebuds A Favor And Try Auntie Fee’s Recipes

Her foulmouthed YouTube cooking show is for people who've had it with too-precious food porn.

"This is parsley—dried parsley. This muthafucka make any muthafuckin’ thing taste good."

"When you don’t see no water at the bottom—this bitch is ready."

"I don’t know what the fuck this is, okay? It’s just something sweet for the fucking kids."

Meet Felicia O’Dell, better known as Auntie Fee: the sassiest, most NSFW, most on-budget chef the Internet has ever seen. Food Network queens Sandra Lee and Rachael Ray, bow down. Auntie Fee’s cuisines can’t possibly be any more semi-homemade than they are now and they take way less than 30 minutes to slap together.

Want to feed seven people for just $3.35? Done.

Your kids hankering for a sweet treat? Easy.

Auntie Fee’s YouTube channel has only four videos, but they’ve already been viewed more than 1.5 million times, cumulatively. She doesn’t measure ingredients. She doesn’t have time for fussy dishes. She’s a cook for the people. Sadly, some people (aka, HATERS) don’t know what’s best for them:

But in the words of Auntie Fee herself, "I’m a ‘G.’"

Yes, Auntie Fee—yes, you are. You’re a culinary gangsta who needs to be on TV, like right this very second.

[Image: Flickr user El Ronzo]

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