Get Rich Or Die LOL-ing: The Truth About Making It On YouTube

Full-time YouTubers have it made. Right?

What started out as a fun platform on which to create amateur videos has now become a full-time career for a slew of famous YouTubers. But are they getting rich or just getting by? Watch the video to hear the platform's top talent, including iJustine, Bethany Mota, and Hannah Hart, along with some up-and-comers like What's Up Elle, offer up real talk about making money on YouTube.

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  • The dirty secret of youtube is the fact that Adsense (the ONLY way to make revenue from the ads that run on your content), often will ban small users for life. Through no fault of the user at all. If it takes you years to get to the threshold where you get your first check, adsense will mysteriously "ban" your account right when it is time for you to get your first check.

    I have been making content since 09. It took me 3 years to get to the $100 threshold, but I was looking at the long term as I knew my channel would blow up eventually. And I got the dreaded "possible invalid click" cancellation form in March of 2012, as at that time I was a tiny youtuber, and adsense could take my $100 and throw it right on their bottom line...

    Today, my channel is growing like crazy, since March of 2012 I have picked up over 10,000 new subscribers, and get over 120,000 views per month with over 650,000 minutes watched per month. My channel is "TrailsOfDoom" and is a woodsball fps channel.