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Pinterest Acquires, And Shuts Down, Visual Organization Site Icebergs

This marks the pinboard startup's fifth acquisition.

Pinterest has acquired visual organization app Icebergs, which will discontinue its services Sept. 1.

As an acquihire, Icebergs cofounders César Isern and Albert Pereta will relocate to San Francisco from Barcelona and join Pinterest as product manager and product designer, respectively. Though Icebergs says it has hundreds of thousands of users, Pinterest, which has acquired five startups thus far, will not be incorporating its technology, a representative said. Existing Icebergs users can export their data before the service is shut down.

"On Pinterest, there are tens of millions of people discovering more than 30 billion pins, and we can’t wait to use what we've learned building Icebergs to help make their experience even better," the cofounders said in a statement.

[Image: Flickr user Tambako The Jaguar]

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  • Hello,

    We have just launched a new app Bricks, for creative and architects http://www.bricks.li to make easy collect and reuse "bricks" of projects. This app is focused on images, and if you were icebergs user, you should definetly give it a try.
    It has a 3 levels organization (brick, layer, project) which allow to group images together in thematic layers and then use a subsets of them on a given project.

    Sébastien www.bricks.li and www.archiref.com funder

  • Cole McEwan

    If you're looking for an icebergs alternative, Zimilate is awesome: www.zimilate.com. I use it to save full copies of webpages, and love the visual thumbnails it creates. Files, images, and notes too. It's really the best clipper out there, and I've tried them all. The entire page is saved including images, css, background images, the works. All the links still work too, so you've got a perfect archive of every page you save.

  • We're welcoming all penguins to flashbackr! http://flashbackr.com is the simplest way to capture and organise content from the websites, apps and devices you use. Come give us a try, we're currently working on an import tool to migrate all your iceberg items.