The real winner of the Tour de France? This guy popping an epic wheelie on live TV by @erin719nyc via @FastCompany
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This Guy Popping An Epic Wheelie Wins Our Hearts At The Tour de France

Billowing cargo shorts be damned, this superfan keeps up with the pros—all on one wheel.

Technically, Vincenzo Nibali was the first man to cross the line yesterday in the Tour de France, the first Italian victor in 16 years.

But we have to give a nod to this (obviously psyched) superfan who raced alongside the pros outside the course, popping an epic wheelie all the way—a feat never before captured on video despite having enough cameras and journalists on hand to broadcast globally to an audience reportedly in the billions.

He can't be stopped—not by the billowing cargo shorts, the dopey black backpack, or the clunky mountain bike. Here's to you, wheelie guy.

[Image: Flickr user Pete Kavanagh]

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  • rneff

    Seriously? That's not en epic wheelie at the Tour de France. An epic wheelie at the Tour de France is the one done by competitor(and green jersey winner) Peter Sagan at teh end of stage 10 of this year;s race. It had 4 massive climbs, and that stage of the race ended with a punishingly steep uphill finish. What does Sagan do? He performs a HANDS FREE wheelie while crossing the finish line. After riding 100 miles, and a TON of climbing.

    No...some amateur doing a short wheelie (yes, that's a repeating GIF above) next to the peleton is not that impressive. The pros do it SO much better.

  • kevin.fedepma

    Both of those wheelies are pretty badass. RNEFF, if you can pull your front wheel off the ground more than 8 inches, and can hold it for more than 3 pedal strokes, I'd be surprised. Let's see a video.