To take on @ChipotleTweets, @McDonalds is spending the next 18 months rebranding by @alicetruong via @FastCompany

McLiterary McCups? McDonald's Is Rebranding To Take On Chipotle

The fast-food giant is undertaking an 18-month effort to change its image in consumers' minds. But don't expect a new logo.

Chipotle may have transformed the fast food industry, but McDonald's isn't going to stand on the sidelines as consumers flock to the Mexican restaurant chain's vegan tofu burritos, literary cups, and brilliant ad campaigns against factory farms.

To better compete against Chipotle, McDonald's, which sells 75 hamburgers every second, is undertaking an 18-month rebranding effort to change its image in consumers' minds. The message: The Golden Arches isn't just about value. It's also a "trusted and respected brand," said CEO Don Thompson.

Achieving this, the fast food chain isn't taking the typical rebranding route. Businessweek reports the initiative might not yield a new logo or redesign. Instead, the company will focus on value, service, marketing, and, of course, its menu. Aside from adding more fruit and veggie options, the company said it will begin phasing in sustainably sourced beef beginning in 2016.

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  • Chris Hyson

    Nope. They invested in them but never had any say in day to day operations.

    Plus use common sense. If they did, chipotle would be just like mcdonalds. But I sure food being made in front of me, and no drive thrus at Chipotle. If people can't gasp that then they have no right to talk.

  • Great to see that the pressure groups and the activism education programs are finally having an effect on the end consumer purchase decision - ergo the Mcdonalds supply offer . bUT REALLY IT'S not at all sustainable to have massive beef purchase for their supply chain from "sustainable" sources as sustainable means = small scale , organic, fair traded etc etc -- all the things that megalith business offers like McDonalds;s has to (by the nature of its size and operational policies) can not offer the market.

    I should know I used to work in their Corporate Research Dept. It is an interesting fact that some years ago they rebranded all their non core marketing print - to make it look more earthy and environmental - just lip service, sorry but McDonald's attempt may be a genuine tactic in a more educated food market than 5/10 years ago -= but really they will have to do something revolutionary to become an Sustainable (in terms of the wider stakeholder issues). Good luck -

  • Chipotle "transformed the fast food industry"? lol. Sure they do things differently but no one is following suit quite yet. We will see mcdeez.