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No Glass Here: Fans at Comic Con 2014 during a screening of Star Wars Rebels, An animated series for Disney XD.

Comic-Con Bans Google Glass During Screenings

But is anyone even wearing Google's head-up display at the convention?

Despite its reputation as a geek confab, even Comic-Con isn't welcoming Google Glass.

Fast Company tech editor Harry McCracken is in San Diego this week for Comic-Con and noticed the crackdown on Glass—even for those whose units have prescription lenses—during film screenings.

Two days before its kickoff, Comic-Con sent an email to registered press reminding them no recordings would be allowed during screenings.

Remember recording of footage on the screens during panels is prohibited. This includes Google Glasses. You cannot wear Google Glasses during footage viewing in any program room. If your Google Glasses are prescription, please bring a different pair to use during these times.

That said, McCracken hasn't seen anybody donning Glass. Google's head-up display probably clashes with the costumes—or can't fit over the enormous heads.

[Image courtesy of Disney, ABC]

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