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With Square Integration On IFTTT, Merchants Can See Transaction Data On Google Glass

Square joins IFTTT's interconnected ecosystem.

Square merchants have more ways to analyze and interact with their transaction data thanks to integration with automation service IFTTT.

Short for If This Then That, IFTTT on Thursday introduced a Square channel, connecting the payments platform with its existing channels, such as Google Glass, Evernote, Google Docs, email, iOS, Android, and more. IFTTT's ecosystem allows users to connect different channels with recipes that follow its namesake. For example: If there's a refund over X amount, send an alert to Google Glass.

So far, Square has created 29 recipes, including ones that automatically save new payments information to a Google Docs spreadsheet or Evernote, to alert merchants of refunds on Google Glass or Gmail, to share payment information over messaging platform GroupMe, or to email daily or weekly settlement digests.

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  • Victor Blaer

    That's a very cool feature. I would still be worried about data security and PCI compliance. Storing payment information, in particular credit card numbers is forbidden unless you're PCI compliant.

  • laceandvelvet

    Square is 100% PCI compliant. There is no security risk to using Square (with or without the IFTTT integration) because those who sell with Square don't have access to their customers' credit card numbers. This integration doesn't allow access to sensitive info like that, it simply helps business owners run their day more efficiently.

    Really exciting stuff to see these two innovative companies collaborating on something that provides such value to the little guys. Keep doing your thangs, Square + IFTTT!