Amazon's first ad for the Fire Phone stars totally insufferable kids dressed like hipsters: via @FastCompany
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Amazon's First Ad For The Fire Phone Stars Kids Dressed Like Hipsters

That's one way to sell the "ultimate mom phone."

It's been called the "ultimate mom phone." So how does Amazon sell a coveted market segment with considerable spending power on its new Fire Phone, the online retailer's first leap into the smartphone business?

It uses kids. Adorable, totally insufferable little kids.

Here we have Amazon's first ad for the Fire Phone, and it stars two chatty youngsters who are, for reasons beyond my understanding, dressed like caricatures of Mission District hipsters. "Skyfall, Lean In, and some Pinterest," says the little girl as she scrolls through the phone—just in case there was any mistake as to who, exactly, this commercial was going after. The ad is also careful to note that a full free year of Amazon Prime is included.

Watch the full ad in the video above. The Fire Phone goes on sale July 25 exclusively for AT&T.

[h/t: Business Insider]

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  • amitch10

    The "hipster boy" in the commercial looks like he could be the younger brother of Angus T Jones (Jake on "Two and a Half Men."

  • he also looks like the little 9 year old prodigy piano player contestant on "Americas Got Talent" I would love to know his name any clue? They are both cute little hipsters lol