The final, illustrated word on the Airbnb logo \"vagina controversy" by @sydbrownstone via @FastCompany

Doesn't look like a vagina.

Looks like a vagina.

Doesn't look like a vagina.

Looks like a vagina.

Still doesn't look like a vagina.

Looks like a vagina.


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A Visual Guide To Vaginas, So No One Ever Compares The Airbnb Logo To A Vagina Again (NSFW)

For those of you who were playing paper football during sex ed, welcome to remedial female anatomy.

On Wednesday, Airbnb released its new logo design. It looks like this:

Suddenly, lots of people on Twitter started comparing Airbnb’s design to a vagina.

This is an external view of the vagina. I drew it on a napkin in roughly 10 seconds:

Here is a list of things that—like the Airbnb logo—don’t look like vaginas: battleships, avocados, rabbit warrens, blow-up doll crotches, yogurt containers, kaleidoscopes, roast beef sandwiches, that thing you used do with your hands and another person’s hands on middle school field trips, the space between Barbie’s thigh gap, and the Grand Canyon.

Here are things that kind of look like vaginas: that Qatar World Cup stadium everyone is mad about, that kayak modeled after a Japanese woman’s vagina that everyone is also mad about, the Eye of Sauron, Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, actual vaginas.

Some objects are genuinely confusing. But if you find yourself questioning whether it looks like a vagina, follow this simple rule: If people aren’t mad about it, it probably doesn’t look like a vagina.

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  • Patricia Hayter

    Now I see tits, ass, vag, and also a contraceptive coil. Sydney's drawing makes men not want to have sex with us. Bad Sydney.

  • Liana Rohlfing-Mckenzie

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have a vagina, I know plenty well what vaginas look like, and it still looks like one to me.

  • It does look like a vagina. Logo is abstraction and looking it as an abstractive form, the loop on the middle remembers the labias of a vulva.

    This misunderstanding could be simply avoided if they rotate the logo 180º. Then would be a heart, which is aligned with the Airbnb branding.

  • Listen, even if you were to abstract an internal view of female genitalia, the loop in the middle is more uterus-like than anything else. Do you really think the Twitterati are considering the Airbnb logo like they might a Kandinsky painting? Or, might you consider that sex ed in this country is often woefully lacking, and that a lot of people simply don't know what a vagina looks like, or how to locate it on a map of the human body? Call me a plebe all you want, but I think this napkin is a public service.

  • Yes. The color and shape look distinctly vulvular. This article's central defense of this logo is wholly perspective dependent, and... missionary in point of view.

  • DL Willson

    If ya' don't see a large set of labia after people say they think it (representationally, yes just like the representation of an A) looks like a vagina... Then it is you who should go back to school. Along with the moron editor who approved this badly reasoned self-enflated obtuse piece.

  • The only thing it looks like to me is stolen from Automation Anywhere. They even stole the "Anywhere" for their tagline.

    If it looked like a vagina that would actually be better.

  • "that thing you used do with your hands and another person’s hands on middle school field trips" nailed it LOL ... but it kinda does a little

  • Yah Dez

    Did you actually get paid by Fast Company to write this "article"? I'm in the wrong business.