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BlackBerry Unveils Its Own Siri-Like Virtual Assistant

BlackBerry Assistant will be built into BlackBerry 10.3 and Passport devices.

[Keypad Image: via Shutterstock]

BlackBerry has offered a first look at one of the features you can expect with the forthcoming BlackBerry 10.3 launch: a voice-controlled "assistant."

Revealed today on the company’s blog, BlackBerry Assistant, which will be built into the BlackBerry Passport, is the company's answer to Siri on iOS and Cortana on Windows. Assistant’s capabilities include reading email, changing notification settings, setting reminders, and typing commands in the app. According to BlackBerry, as you use Assistant, it adapts to your needs and becomes more accurate with query results.

For now, it seems there are no features that will make Assistant stand out in a market where BlackBerry’s presence seems to be on an incessant downward spiral. But there are supposedly "a number of fun Easter eggs" built into Assistant…so, you know, there’s that.