The 10 most endangered jobs of 2014: by @kcifeanyi via @FastCompany

10 Jobs That May Soon Disappear

A new report identifies the most endangered careers of 2014.

The overarching message of a new list from CareerCast is one you've probably heard before: When it comes to the future of jobs, tech beats paper.

Analyzing data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CareerCast ranked the top 10 endangered jobs of 2014. Mail carrier jobs are the most endangered, with a 28% decline in projected growth. The newspaper industry is also on the list, with a 13% decline in projected growth for newspaper reporters. Travel agents are on the fast track to extinction, threatened by convenient book-your-own-travel companies like Kayak and Airbnb.

Here are the 10 most endangered jobs of 2014:

  1. Mail carrier
  2. Farmer
  3. Meter reader
  4. Newspaper reporter
  5. Travel agent
  6. Lumberjack
  7. Flight attendant
  8. Drill-press operator
  9. Printing worker
  10. Tax examiner and collector

So what are the jobs of the future? How does a career as a digital death manager or digital detox specialist strike you? Check out the 8 jobs people will have in 2025.

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  • Awilding

    Horrible article, no references, anyone with a little bit of common sense and five minutes to spare will do better. Sorry but I wouldn't be helping you if I didn't give you 100% honest feedback. I wish you the best.

  • The failure here is not in the source article, but in the way it was reported and positioned here on FastCo. The actual source is interesting, talking about job consolidation and the lack of growth. It doesn't mean these careers are going away, as the title and article seem to suggest. It means that there isn't any job growth in these industries/areas.

  • Kagebunshin No Jutsu

    Wth, farmer? Who will cultivate foods for us? If people will not eat, maybe true.

  • John Smith

    OK, where does this "kid" pulled his information from?

    Flight attendants in danger? well I guess with the advent of T2 robots in the sky, we won't need live attendants any more... or the next generation of supersonic trains will render air travel obsolete.

    Just junks to fill the pages, or this maybe Content Generator Bot which wrote this thing.

  • Mike Snyder

    1/3 of travel was still booked by agents last year. Niche - specialties and non published contracts provide avenues for travel agents to not only survive...but strive. Add to that the near non - existent customer service of online engines....and we are not so 'endangered'. :)

  • Richard Lutz

    Last I checked the Earth's population is only increasing. I don't see farmers going away anytime soon.

  • Erik Cohen

    But farmers will decrease as new tech will increase supply of crops per farmer there will be a surplus.

  • Sebastian Quevedo-Busch

    The whole list is absurd and this "fill in" article really really bad.

    Fastcompany drops an other step once again ... to bad :(

  • Flight attendant is an endangered job for 2014? So I presume airlines have already set up buffet at 38,000 ft.

    I understand a travel agent as they are now extinct but a farmer? Seriously?!! wtf people eat in US??

  • Don Funke

    Lame. The world will see many more farmers starting businesses. Not your typical monoculture farm in the grain belt but super efficient, highly productive urban farms. It's already happening. As civilization moves from it's 100 year reliance on fossil fuels to grow food we will need many more organic farmers and the world will be healthier for it.

  • Jim Brown

    Flight attendant? That's absurd. If anything, thousands more new flight attendants will be needed over the next few years to replace those retiring.

  • Dan Mitchell

    Sure, why treat this with any skepticism when you can just cut-n-paste some goofy bit of marketing copy? I mean, you're not a newspaper reporter, after all. Or, a reporter.