There's a whole new TaskRabbit: by @mileskohrman via FastCompany
The New TaskRabbit is here

Task Rabbit's new homepage

The New TaskRabbit is here

The update brings new iOS and Android apps.

The New TaskRabbit is here

Customer profiles are given a revamped look.

The New TaskRabbit is here

A new proprietary messaging platform lets Taskers and Clients chat securely.

The New TaskRabbit is here

“TaskRabbit” and “TaskPoster” have become "Tasker" and "Client."

The New TaskRabbit is here

The Android home screen

The New TaskRabbit is here

Users can confirm appointments and receive detailed receipts on their mobile device, or online.

The New TaskRabbit is here

The iOS home screen

The New TaskRabbit is here

This is what chat looks like online.

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TaskRabbit Unveils Its New Look

And it comes with a handful of new features, too.

A cornerstone of the sharing economy just got a makeover.

After announcing a major update to its service in June, the micro-task marketplace TaskRabbit has launched a suite of new products and features—complete new iOS and Android apps, a proprietary messaging platform, a refined matching algorithm to pair Taskers and Clients ("TaskRabbit" and "TaskPoster" have been done away with), and up to $1 million insurance coverage on every task.

On the web, find a Tasker

The update replaces TaskRabbit’s old auction-house model, favoring a custom matching algorithm that pairs Clients and Taskers by site behavior, skill and task preferences, and availability. Clients are then given a stable of "suitable" Taskers, of whom they can choose based on experience, rating, or price.

It also eliminates some of the more awkward aspects of hiring strangers for work. Clients and Taskers can communicate with a new proprietary messaging platform without having to share any personal information, and one-click hiring is ushered along with a "transparent" hourly pricing structure.

TaskRabbit says the new "product experience" is the result of months of user research and feedback. The company takes a percentage of every transaction made through the service.

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