\"Auto-Tune The News" Creators The @GregoryBrothers invent @FastCompany's new super catchy theme song on the fly! http://www.fastcompany.com/3032746/youtube-sensations-the-gregory-brothers-write-fast-company-a-theme-song
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"Auto-Tune The News" Creators The Gregory Brothers Write Fast Company A Theme Song

The one thing Fast Company has always been missing is a theme song. Enter YouTube's biggest musical parody group to fill that void.

With over 2 million subscribers and almost 600 million views, The Gregory Brothers are certified YouTube stars. While best known for creating music from news footage for their series Auto-Tune the News, they are also pretty good with a company jingle. Check out the video above to hear them perform the new Fast Company theme song, and see if anything strikes you as familiar . . .

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