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Judges Order Uber And Lyft To Hit The Brakes In Pittsburgh

Despite the court order, Uber says it will continue operating.

Ridesharing services Uber and Lyft have been ordered to shut down their operations in Pittsburgh until they receive proper licensing.

Judges Mary D. Long and Jeffrey A. Watson issued cease-and-desist orders to the two startups after the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission filed a petition against Uber and Lyft on June 16.

"We are disappointed by the PUC’s actions as Uber has been working in good faith with state officials for months to create modern regulations that will give consumers access to the safest rides on the road," Uber said in a statement. "Pennsylvania regulators should be standing up for innovation, consumer choice and job growth—not the status quo." Uber said on its Twitter account said it will continue operating in the city.

In a statement, Lyft said it remains "committed to finding a path forward for ridesharing in Pennsylvania and are working with elected officials to ensure that consumers continue to have access to peer-to-peer transportation." The company is still evaluating its options, but said it will remain operating.

Before Pittsburgh halted Uber's and Lyft's operations, the city's police systematically targeted ridesharing drivers with sting operations. Undercover officers would summon rides on both platforms, issuing fines to drivers for transporting passengers for hire without the proper license.

But not all officials in Pittsburgh are against the e-hailing apps. Mayor William Peduto reiterated his support for these companies in a tweet, calling for change with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

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  • Lucas Laramie

    Posts cut off on top and on bottom & all over . It was not done by me . I guess post was too long ? Here's how it started .

    .......... but now in defense of Uber / Lyft . Now I know what all the hype is about . I recently took a Taxi out of Town while waiting to get my car fixed . It was absolutely gross !!

  • Lucas Laramie
     .......... but now in defense of Uber / Lyft  . Now I know what all the hype is about . I recently took a Taxi out of Town while waiting to get my car fixed . It was absolutely gross !!

    It reeked of cigarette stench that was so thick I thought I could of wiped the stench off my seat with my hands . Even after I rolled the back window down I practically still had to hold my breath . After my approxaimately 2 mile ride I did not want to give the cabbie a tip but only because I felt sorry for the guy did i give him an undeserving tip . Everyone has been right . Uber / Lyft is vastly superior to Taxis . The service is great and to tell you the truth I wish I could of just jumped out of the cab & ran away but instead I had to fumble through my wallet to pay him . It would of been so much easier had I had just used Uber . So now I realize the difference . I thought everybody was telling everyone about the smelly cabs because they were Uber/ Lyft drivers but now I know what