Luis Suarez of Uruguay reacts when he bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini

Uruguay's Suarez Made Twitter Suck, Now He's Banned From World Cup For Biting

There are lessons to be learned here.

With World Cup mania in full swing, if there is one lesson we've learned, it is that biting other people is bad. You know it. Your 4-year-old niece knows it. Your dog learned to know it. And now, maybe, Uruguay's Luis Suarez knows it now that FIFA has doled out his punishment for pressing his teeth into the flesh of another human on international television: He's out for nine international matches and cannot play the beautiful (non-delicious) game at all for the next four months.

Or maybe he won't learn anything! Especially considering this wasn't even Suarez's first time biting another player on the pitch. (It's the third in his career, for those at home keeping score.) On the bright side, though, maybe it will stop dumb brands from seizing on the spectacle for transparently dumb grabs at attention on Twitter with the same joke, like so:

In conclusion: Biting bad. Bad brand jokes bad. Bad bad bad.

[Photo by Matthias Hangst, Getty Images]

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  • First learn to play "futbol", then learn the rules, then read about"FIFA", then see how a lot of faults are not being punished and then but really then then then write an article about this.

    This a dummy article for FC

  • Gabriel Prado

    Sorry, but what is the point here? Brands are just trying to connect with their followers through the conversations that are happening in the moment instead of boring publications about their products.

  • Ryan Noel

    Oreo won awards for tweeting about the power outage during the "big game". Why was that one so universally accepted and lauded, yet you think these are bad?