McDonald's Joins World Cup Mania With First Global Promoted Twitter Trend, #FryFutbol

A year in the making, McDonald's new campaign and #FryFutbol hashtag will be promoted in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Twitter's advertising machine shifts into high gear during the World Cup, and McDonald's is getting in on the game. This morning, just in time for the Copa Mundial's first day, McDonald's unveiled Twitter's first globally promoted trend. #FryFutbol is showing up on Twitter as a promoted trend in 57 countries, with especially deep market penetration in Russia and Spanish-speaking countries. McDonald's has been working with Twitter and ad agency OMD on the campaign for the past year.

The promoted trend campaign will be encouraging users to download McDonald's Gol! app. McDonald's customers who have purchased french fries in new boxes designed to celebrate the World Cup can "unlock" the app, a virtual trick-shot challenge.

The World Cup is one of the world's most viewed sporting events—during the 2010 South African matches, the average viewing numbers per game hovered around 260 million, and 2014 marks the first year where second-screen viewing of matches (especially outside of the United States) is a viable moneymaker for big brands like McDonald's. In preparation for the World Cup, Twitter has begun major campaigns to attract new users.

[Image: Flickr user Norio Nakayama]

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  • Can someone explain to me how on Earth combining the words "fry" and "futbol" into a hash-tag makes any sense? They have worked a year on this, and are spending tons of money on showing it, yet the combo is totally absurd and bears no comprehensible message to soccer fans -- nothing but a brainless keyword mash-up with nobody around the brainstorming table daring to call the fact that it is idiotic. Face palm.