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Twitter COO Ali Rowghani Is Leaving The Company

"Goodbye Twitter. It's been an amazing ride, and I will cherish the memories."

Ali Rowghani, ex-chief operating officer of Twitter

[Photo by Maciek Jasik for Fast Company]

On Thursday morning, Twitter chief operating officer Ali Rowghani announced that he was stepping down from the company in, naturally, a tweet:

Rowghani, who was CFO until he was promoted in December 2012, was instrumental in transforming Twitter into an advertising platform that played nicely with the TV industry, securing partnership deals with companies ranging from Nielsen to Bluefin Labs.

As an executive, he also realized that Twitter—despite its indispensability for techies and media types—was not very appealing to non-power users. "We're not delivering the product as we should," Rowghani told Fast Company in 2013. More recently, the social platform unveiled new features and a redesign to make itself more appealing to newbies.

Rowghani's possible exit was first reported late Wednesday by Re/code. Shortly after he tweeted his exit, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo @-replied with this: