Yahoo To Discontinue Flickr Logins Via Google And Facebook

Yahoo plans to discontinue third-party logins to all its services eventually.

Photo-hosting site Flickr—one of Yahoo's most valuable assets—will phase out the ability to log in with Facebook and Google accounts on June 30. Flickr users will be required to create a Yahoo account to continue accessing Flickr.

Yahoo plans to discontinue third-party logins to all its services eventually, beginning back in March with Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick 'Em. This is all part of CEO Marissa Mayer's campaign to bring users back to the ailing search company—even on a grassroots level. In the fall, when users tweeted at Mayer pledging to use the company's services in exchange for a retweet, the CEO was game, retweeting 11 of their messages.

[Image: Flickr user Sadie Hernandez]

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  • Aza Allen

    Yahoo needs something that people want... besides Flickr, to be able to pull off such a move... I use Yahoo's customizable homepage, but even that feels only half-assed - it's always asking me to login, RSS links are always breaking, and it's very unwieldy at times... is Yahoo really trying to push people away? Who wants a Yahoo account anyway... I left them because they were wanting to charge me for features like push notifications, etc... Yahoo has been doing everything wrong, and this proves they have no idea what the hell customers want.

  • hassanithomas

    I smell bankruptcy. Who is in charge of Yahoo's business plan? They need to be canned.

    The only services people want = Free. Look at Google. You can't punish the people that make you rich.

  • David Parker

    Not sure whether this will work in favor of Yahoo or not, but they needed to do something to get back into the game. Hope this works for Yahoo!!