\"Shave The Stache": @Lyft & @Uber turn to mobile billboards to recruit drivers: http://www.fastcompany.com/3031250/fast-feed/shave-the-stache-lyft-and-uber-turn-to-mobile-billboards-to-recruit-drivers by @AliceTruong @FastCompany
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"Shave The Stache": Lyft And Uber Turn To Mobile Billboards To Recruit Drivers

It's no secret there's some bad blood among the major ridesharing players.

As Lyft and Uber scale their e-hailing operations, they're focusing much of their efforts on recruitment—or, more accurately, poaching. In San Francisco, the transportation wars have taken to the streets with mobile billboards. What better way to get drivers' attention—especially if they're parked outside the rival's office?

TechCrunch noted some of the billboards from these campaigns: Uber has a sign with the tagline "Shave the stache"—an attack to Lyft's iconic pink mustaches. Lyft, meanwhile, is telling Uber drivers to "Be more than a number."

It's no secret there's some bad blood among the major ridesharing players, even as they face the same regulatory hurdles when expanding to new cities. Earlier this year, Uber admitted its tactics to recruit competitor Gett's drivers—which included ordering and canceling rides in order to contact drivers directly—were a tad too aggressive.

[Image: Flickr user Steve Weatherford]

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