Pocket goes premium with a permanent library, enhanced search, and auto-tagging: http://www.fastcompany.com/3031164/fast-feed/pocket-goes-premium-with-auto-tagging-enhanced-search-and-permanent-library by @pavsmo via @FastCompany
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Pocket Goes Premium With Permanent Library, Enhanced Search, And Auto-Tagging

You can now upgrade to Pocket's paid option for just $5 a month.

Two years after rebranding itself as a free read-it-later app, Pocket is providing its 12 million users with a paid subscription service. On Wednesday, the team introduced Pocket Premium, which allows readers to permanently save a copy of web pages, and take advantage of smarter search and tag capabilities.

With a million and a half links saved to the app daily, it's no wonder that Pocket wants to expand on its current model of archiving links. When you use Pocket offline, you're reading a cached version of the article. Once you've finished the piece and filed it away, it's saved as a link. If the link changes—which is more likely than you think—you're out of luck. The premium version serves up a quick fix by automatically creating a copy of anything you save to Pocket—including all the dusty links you already have stored away.

If you're looking to upgrade, it'll run you either $5 a month or $45 for an entire year. In addition to saving your favorite prose for posterity, you'll also be able to conduct full-text searches of your Pocket library and organize it more easily with suggested tags. Not willing to dole out the extra bucks? Watch out for the redesigned browser extension available to all users, which cuts back on clicks by letting you add tags when you save pages.

[Image: Flickr user Sebastien Wiertz]

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