Google Tops This List Of Companies That Offer The Best Pay And Perks

Predictably, Google topped the list, but a non-tech company—Costco—came in a close second.

In news that will surprise nobody, Google has been ranked the company with the best pay and perks, according to a report from Glassdoor released Friday.

"The company really takes care of us professionally and personally," according to a review from a senior software engineer based in Mountain View, California. "The benefits are incredibly high. My team has been on offsites to Tahoe, Vegas, and Hawaii in the last year."

Also unsurprising: Overall, tech companies made a strong showing in Glassdoor's list of the top 25 companies for compensation and benefits, including Facebook (No. 3), Adobe (No. 4), Intuit (No. 6), Salesforce (No. 9), Microsoft (No. 18), and eBay (No. 25).

The survey is based on employee feedback, with at least 75 ratings from former and current employees between April 2013 and 2014, and at least 25 ratings from April 2012 to 2013. Though Glassdoor has issued a number of workplace surveys—including the top-rated CEOs, highest paying internships, and weirdest interview questions—this is its first report focused on compensation. A company representative said this was in part due to the ongoing discussion on pay inequality.

Earlier this week, another survey named Google the most valuable brand, displacing Apple from the top spot. Narrowly trailing the search engine on Glassdoor's list, Costco was the top-rated company not in the technology sector. A forklift driver in Victorville, California, enumerated on some of the perks: "Good pay and benefits. Good vacation time and personal days. Twice a year bonuses after you hit top pay."

[Image: Flickr user Nick Ares]

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  • Jordan Thomas

    I applaud Google for staying at the top, but my real admiration is for Costco. It is a really good feeling to know that those are the people valued by their employer with good salary and benefits every time I visit Costco.

    For salary ranges and employer reputation Glassdoor is also my go-to website, and recently I was referred to to see what people think I should ask for as salary. I gotta say my salary prediction is nowhere near to the top paying companies besides having years of experience. Must be like winning the lottery to pass an interview with these companies.