Chipotle To Gun Owners: Please Keep Your Firearms Away From Our Literary Cups

Over the weekend, a gun-rights group called Open Carry Texas staged a pro-carry demonstration at one of the burrito chain's restaurants, causing Chipotle to respond. Fast.

When you think about Chipotle, a few images spring to mind. Baby-sized burritos. Mysterious secret menu items. More recently, literary cups. Military-style rifles, however, probably wouldn't come to mind for most people.

This week, however, Chipotle kindly asked that its customers not openly brandish firearms within its stores, when it released a statement saying that "the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers."

The incident was apparently provoked over the weekend, when a few gun owners associated with a group called Open Carry Texas strolled into their neighborhood burrito chain and snapped a few photos with their rifles out. "There were a few AR-15s there. The rifles were loaded," said Alex Clark, a member of the Dallas Chapter. "There's no reason to carry an unloaded weapon—it wouldn't do any good."

The photo apparently caught the attention of the advocacy group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America—which recently claimed victory after convincing Facebook to clamp down on its firearms sales policies—and was mobilized into an online petition and a hashtag on Twitter: #BurritosNotBullets. The group's actions purportedly caused the Denver-based food chain to issue a response.

It isn't totally clear if Chipotle is issuing an outright ban, but it doesn't seem to keen on pressing the issue either way. "The vast majority of gun owners are responsible citizens and we appreciate them honoring this request," said Chipotle in a statement. "And we hope that our customers who oppose the carrying of guns in public agree with us that it is the role of elected officials and the legislative process to set policy in this area, not the role of businesses like Chipotle."

The burrito slingers are joining Facebook and Starbucks, which also recently rethought policies toward guns.

[Image: Flickr user z0]

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  • I am an advocate of the right to bear arms but I am aware that there are other advocates who are straight up "gun crazies" and they're terrifying. This is so insane. BTW to Eldon Elledge, I can't reply to your comment (maybe for a good reason - i should shut up and not argue on the internet - no one wins!) , but are you joking? You really only feel safe with your family when you OPEN CARRY WITH ASSAULT RIFLES?????? You walk around with your family and an assault rifle? Come on dude, don't you realize that openly carrying assault rifles into a restaurant is terrifying for most of the patrons? I live on a college campus where concealed carry is banned and I am against that, but dude, concealed carry is sufficient for defense purposes (and placating your delusions). Seriously, re-read what you wrote. I am pro 2nd amendment & pro concealed carry but how is carrying assault rifles into a restaurant useful?

  • Listened to the guy that organized this on the radio today. Before the guys walked in with the guns, they sent someone in to make sure it was "Ok". They were told it would be fine. Once they entered. Everyone wanted to take pictures with them. That's where this picture came from. As usual, everybody follows the hype and not the real story. Now that Chipotle has join the Gun Free Zone and bowed down to the MDA pressure, they will no longer be a place for me to visit, especially with my family. Because the next nut case will a gun looking to hurt people has yet another great target to go to, knowing that no one can defend themselves. Thanks Chipotle and MDA for making the world a less safer place for our kids.

  • Read this in the paper while in a Chipotle today; if I looked out the windows and saw these two guys walking up to the Chipotle my first thought would not be "Oh, here comes two sensible gun owners exercising their right to open carry". My first thought would be "Oh, f##k, how do I get out of here before they start shooting.

  • Morons. The gun owners that is. Chipotle has EVERY RIGHT to ask for them to stop. The next step ( no thanks to these schmucks with their guns) is legislation.

    Way to go guys, screw it up for the rest of us so that you can look like a moron at a Chipotle.

    Posing in the store? Looking like a model citizen? Acting like adults? These guys missed every mark. I'm sorry, I normal wouldn't take the "antis" side on this one, but these fools need to pack up and go home. They ARE NOT helping firearms rights what so ever.

    Ugh... As an owner of firearms and business professional, these gun owners and open carriers DO NOT represent the gun owners that I know and support.