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Evernote And LinkedIn Launch A New Business Card App For iOS To Organize Your Contacts

"We scan the card, we extract all the information visually, then we work with LinkedIn to search all of their information. You get this really good fast, high-quality rich profile."

If you're a hardcore Evernote user and need a better way to keep track of all the business cards you collect, here's some good news: Evernote is partnering with LinkedIn to make digitizing and archiving business cards easier and more searchable with a new card-scanning app for iOS.

Simply take a photo of the card, and, if your LinkedIn and Evernote accounts are connected, it will call up that person's job title, company, and other contact information from their LinkedIn account. It's fully automatic, and the basic idea is to make the business cards kind of like visual bookmarks for your network while tapping into LinkedIn's 300 million users. Later on—and as Evernote users are fully aware—you can easily search for it, and attach things like notes or relevant documents.

This effectively allows Evernote to become a take-anywhere Rolodex. "LinkedIn is how we get the quality to be good," Evernote CEO Phil Libin tells Fast Company. "We scan the card, we extract all the information visually, then we work with LinkedIn to search all of their information. You get this really good, fast, high-quality rich profile."

"You put them in the stream of your life," he adds.

A few things worth noting: The app is only available on iOS for now, and an Android version will release this summer. You'll also need a premium Evernote account to use it, which will run you about $5 per month. But if you were already a user of LinkedIn's CardMunch scanner, you'll be able to get a year of the service for free.

Learn more about Evernote's new business card scanner here.

[Images courtesy of Evernote]

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  • Brian Ritter

    Did you know that 88% of all business cards get thrown away within the first week!

    So we've solved the real problem.

    (1) You need to ACTUALLY REMEMBER who you met. Most of use a great with faces but terrible with names. So our solution using a full screen photo of each user. (2) You shouldn't have to carry around multiple pieces of paper or hand them out. Why bother needed to even scan them. Our product is all digital... BUT, you information is linked to a simple code. So you can actually share it without your device.

    Check us out @!

  • Unfortunate, and interesting all at once. CardMunch was great. Scanning business cards into Evernote? Not so great. If you want a CardMunch alternative, the FullContact Card Reader uses real people (just like CardMunch) but we let you save those contacts anywhere you want (unlike CardMunch).