Vampire Diaries's Ian Somerhalder Shares His Productivity Mantra

The Vampire Diaries star shares how he organizes the tasks that suck his time.

He may play a smug centuries-old vampire on TV, but Ian Somerhalder says at the end of the day, his mountain of emails and ideas can make him feel like a zombie.

The Vampire Diaries actor's 15 hours of shooting is only part of the day's tasks. Hundreds of emails, phone calls, and lists of things to accomplish wait off-set.

He says he makes notes on whiteboards stuck to the walls all over his house, and sends photos of things to remember to assistants--anything to keep important items from slipping through the cracks.

That way, when he gets to the world of Mystic Falls, he's able to focus on being the best blood-sucker he can. "I get to set, and I have to focus on my job," he says, having organized the rest of the day's demands to allow for insulation from the outside world during shooting. "When I'm on set, I have to just focus on my show."

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