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CodeBabes: The More Code You Learn, The Less The Instructors Wear

We can't tell if this is fake, but we hope so.

Everything about CodeBabes, a site that uses boobs to make coding fun, reads as a huge troll. It blows Silicon Valley's sexism problem out into one website of cleavage-laden horrors. It has to be fake, and yet nobody on Twitter is quite sure if it is.

In short, CodeBabes features sexy schoolgirl types teaching classes.

Watch the lesson, absorb the info, pass the quiz, and your instructor removes one piece of clothing. How much clothing, you ask? Enough to motivate you. But let's not get carried away here, we're an education site.

The theory is that people will come for the babes, but stay for the YouTube tutorials. "We thought coding lessons were getting a little boring, and by a little boring we mean banging our head against the table while watching them. Thus was born," reads the "Our Philosophy" page. CodeBabes, you see, makes computers sexy because it uses some nerd-bro fantasy to talk about boring computer stuff.

Again, all of this seems too absurd to be real. And we hope this is some sort of social commentary on how Silicon Valley culture alienates women at all levels. (We reached out to CodeBabes for comment.)

If this is a hoax, however, whoever made the site sure put a lot of effort into making it seem like a legitimate learning tool. The YouTube page features at least 11 videos, with bona fide babes teaching lessons on CSS, HTML, PHP, and programming. None of the videos go into much depth, but in around three minutes the cleavaged women do talk about principles of coding. They also make things "interesting" with occasional boner references and by throwing around the word "sexy" a bunch. And of course there are the requisite Twitter and Facebook pages, neither of which are very populated.

The fact that we even think this could be real reveals a lot about the plight of women in the technology industry.

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  • dolerulz

    its not fake. decent website covering basics. as far as i've progressed its free.

  • Drew Ryan

    So why does a site like this, that uses a natural male attention grabbing techniques, somehow degrade women. I find it sexist that women demonize men for enjoying the female form and people who use the female form for something positive like this. This isn't some godaddy commercial that Uses womens bodies as a cheap trick to make money, it's an educational website. It has a useful purpose. Men are biologically wired to pay attention to women's bodies. If it helps men learn, why not?

  • Nolan Butcher

    Just for kicks, I started signing up until I got to the page that asks for a CC# (they're wanting about $7/month) sooo.. I would say it's probably either real or a financial scam.

  • Daniel F. Dietzel

    My girlfriend and I have been watching a sort of strange Anime she found named "Kill la Kill" lately, and we couldn't decide if it was over the top misogynistic or not. So we created 4 categories and tallied every reaction to the show: On the left was "LOL" and "AWESOME", and on the right was "WTF???" and "DAT ASS" (gratuitous display of skin, boobs, butts, etc). It would usually win really really closely, about 15 - 14 at times. We ended up liking the show a lot.

    This however, takes the cake. Our hyperbolic and premature tally is 1,000,000 WTF, 800,000 DAT ASS, and one LOL (douchebag MBA's inventing the word cloud had us laughing in the PHP virgin video). We're both in the tech industry (UX and UI respectively), and we are praying that this is a parody.

  • Well, by reporting about it, you've guaranteed that it will get way more attention than it deserves, which was no doubt the goal of the founders. Way to go.