Trent Reznor

Musician; composer; CCO, Beats Music

For nailing the art of creative exploration.

"I try to keep myself in a place where I don't feel comfortable," says Trent Reznor, who released a sonically adventurous new Nine Inch Nails album, Hesitation Marks, last year and was instrumental in creating the streaming service Beats Music, which launched in January. "It has the ability to turn people on to the beauty of music and provide the soundtrack to their lives," he says of Beats. "That feels like something that's worth spending time to figure out." Reznor and composing partner Atticus Ross are currently working on the score to David Fincher's October film Gone Girl, their third collaboration with the director (the duo won an Oscar for their music for The Social Network). What's next for the multihyphenate, who's currently on tour with NIN? Reznor laughs. "Isn't that enough?"

[Illustration by Karen Davison]

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  • When I worked at BEATS we were not allowed to mention Trent Reznor's name. Even though he has be "gifted" the CCO title he really has nothing to do with anything. Maybe that's why you have a drawing with him wearing beats. Because no photos exist... this entire list is a sham.