For using edible art to encourage better food habits: Ida Skivenes (@IdaFrosk) included on @FastCompany's #MCP14
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Ida Skivenes

Instagram artist

Ida Skivenes

For using edible art to encourage better food habits.

Some people find social media stardom via hilarious Twitter one-liners or well-curated Pinterest pages. For Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes, Internet renown started with toast. In 2013, Skivenes launched a series of art pieces that re-created famous masterpieces on toasted bread. She parlayed the ensuing attention into a devoted online following.

These days, Skivenes—known to her more than 200,000 Instagram followers as IdaFrosk, which is Norwegian for frog—constructs whimsical little art pieces using hand-cut vegetarian food items that she arranges to resemble anything from Yoda to a van Gogh painting. She snaps each one with her iPhone, posts it to Instagram, and then—no waste here!—eats her work. "It resonates with my values: getting people to eat healthy, fresh food in a variety of colors," she says. "I just want [you] to be more playful in your everyday life. It's spreading a lot of joy surrounding food through my little canvas."

[Illustration by Ida Skivenes]

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