For summoning a constructive hurricane: Gerry Graf (@loumaeearl) included on @FastCompany's #MCP14
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Gerry Graf

Founder, CCO, Barton F. Graf 9000

For summoning a constructive hurricane.

Gerry Graf has long been known for TV ads that make you laugh—just Google "Skittles beard." But recently he proved he can make people think too. In 2013, Graf and his agency came up with an idea to raise awareness for climate-change policy. They teamed with the organization 350 Action to launch Climate Name Change, which used social media to petition the World Meteorological Organization to name hurricanes after climate-change deniers. Fake news clips showed Hurricane Marco Rubio pounding the eastern seaboard, for example—and the campaign went viral. "It was just one of those times when the guys came into my office, and as soon as they said the first sentence, you knew it was something we would want to do," says Graf. "The momentum was just fantastic."

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