For being any retailer's social solution: Deena Varshavskaya included on @FastCompany's #MCP14 list:
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Deena Varshavskaya

CEO, Wanelo

For being any retailer's social solution.

"What we're building is parallel to Twitter and Insta­gram, but for ­shopping," says Deena ­Varshavskaya, a Russian-born web designer who created Wanelo as a side project in 2010. The site allows users to create ­collections and purchase products from more than 300,000 online stores.

It boasts more than 11 million ­customers, and they're buying lots of stuff: Wanelo referrals ­generate more revenue at retailers such as ­clothing chain Wet Seal than either ­Twitter or ­Pinterest. "The meaning of a store is changing," says Varshavskaya.

[Image courtesy of Wanelo]

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  • Richard Barchas

    I just watched Deena's interview on Charlie Rose. She is the most intriguing woman I've ever seen because of her astounding creativity. I'm also a Cornellian who mainly followed a traditional path and have taken decades to develop into the person I am today. I needed job loss to give me the push to change. I wish I had had Deena's incredible self actuation and confidence to take action without the need for financial security. Of course, a wife and family had something to do with it. LOL.