For integrating food into the community: @WholeFoods' Amanda Musilli is on @FastCompany's #MCP14 list

Exterior murals at Whole Foods Market Detroit

Amanda Musilli

Mission, culture, and higher purpose coordinator, Whole Foods

Amanda Musilli

For integrating food into the community.

Detroit is one of the country's largest "food ­deserts," where fresh produce is scarce. Whole Foods decided to move in. "This is a really new process for us," says Amanda Musilli, who spearheaded the project. On advice from local activists, she held community meetings, which led to an advisory group of not-for-profit, government, and community organizations to plan outreach and create jobs. On opening day last June, 72% of employees were local residents. "We are really changing the way we do business because of this," she says. Variations on that strategy are now in use by Whole Foods nationwide.

[Photo courtesy of Whole Foods]

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  • This is fantastic! Whole Food's commitment to the community is real - not just a business maneuver. It takes a ton of effort and that effort is not always noticed and appreciated. It's great to see someone like Amanda Musilli get a bit of recognition for that hard work!

    Keep it up.

    Fit Me Tea will be on your shelves soon ;)