Here's What Pharrell's "Happy" Sounds Like Without Music

Spoiler: It's not very happy.

It's amazing that Pharrell's "Happy" still has traction, especially since it was released in November. The music video in particular has inspired more than its fair share of fan tributes, at one point causing the 41-year-old superstar to cry happy tears on Oprah. (Said Pharrell, reflectively, "Why am I crying on Oprah?")

In much the same way Pharrell doesn't age, "Happy" refuses to go away. So, maybe it was inevitable that the track would be the latest to get the no-music music video treatment. The re-edit is injected with all the footsteps, soft handclaps, awkward mouth-breathing, traffic sounds, and boring everyday minutiae that makes real life feel like anything but a blissful jaunt around the globe. As Gawker's Jay Hathaway put it, "The year's happiest song has been reduced to a lonely nightmare."

I wouldn't go that far, but the results are pretty hilarious. (Favorite part: The 0:44 mark with the Odd Future kids derping along.) Still, if you are in need of a Friday pick-me-up, there are countless other versions of "Happy" on the Internet for you to pluck from. For instance, "Happy"—but with puppies:

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  • Priscilla Bailey

    how sad was the article. very sad indeed. I guess Pharrell's success makes people uneasy and unhappy but like he said can't nothing bring him down. It's a beautiful song let's leave it at that.

  • Bri Peele

    Nope, still makes me HAPPY! If anything, this solidifies how wonderful the song is when I'm still HAPPY without hearing the actual music.

  • Am I the only person who saw it as a pre-edit release of the actual video? As in this is the raw footage before they added the music track

  • Corinna Resberg

    That wasn't sad, lonely or a "nightmare". Those people still looked like they were having fun. Also, it's obviously gonna sound different if you replace half of the vocals with random dance clips...

  • Dominick Gladstone

    It takes a talented team of many people to keep this "Happy" thing going. I say kudos to them! Awesome work...

  • Sorry I dont agree - eventhough the clip loses its sing-along magic a little bit, the people seem to have a lot of fun. Wouldnt it be great if people just dance along, being music played or not? I do like this version - its real - and fun, including the blurred lines part. :)