For perfecting the art of the spectacle: @ForsBodenfors' Sophia Lindholm is on our Most Creative People list #MCP14
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Sophia Lindholm

Senior art director, Forsman & ­Bodenfors

Sophia Lindholm

For perfecting the art of the spectacle.

Maybe it was the Enya vocals. Maybe it was the slow reveal. Actually, let's just admit it was 1990s action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme's perfect horizontal split between two moving trucks that, last November, made us (and 70 million online viewers) fall in love with Volvo's hit viral ad. Sophia Lindholm is part of the team behind a string of ambitious spots for ­Volvo's truck division, which relaunched in 2012. "We have to stay relevant to truck enthusiasts but make these ads spectacular to attract interest from everyone else," she says. Is that a stretch? Van Damme might call it a power straddle.

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