These Tribeca Film Festival Vines Are Six Seconds Of Pure Art

Check out the honored submissions to @TribecaFilmFest #6SecFilms.

For the second year in a row, the Tribeca Film Festival is honoring the creativity on looping-video platform Vine through the #6SecFilms challenge. This year's winners once again prove that it's possible to create art even within the constraints of a six-second social media platform, which has also been known for less high-brow endeavors.

The entrants competed in the following five categories: #Genre, #Drama, #Animation, #Comedy, and #AudienceAward—hashtags included. The winners below are just a few examples of the interesting art projects happening on Vine. Head here to browse all the shortlisted videos.

Best #Animation: Matt Willis, Australia, for "Wrap Dancer"

Best #Drama: Jessica Harmon, USA, for "Addiction"

Best #Comedy: Albert Birney, USA, for "Sylvio Let's Go"

Best #Genre (and a personal favorite): Lawrence Becker, USA, for "The Vortex Finds a Host"

#Audience Award: Evan Hilton, USA, for "Shaking Free"

Hopefully this will continue to inspire more interesting uses of social photo and video platforms. Often visual social media is reduced to meme-gurgitation and selfies, so it's pretty refreshing to see so much creativity on these platform. Keep it up!

[H/t: Gizmodo]

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  • Suleman Ali

    I think the development of Vines is interesting because unlike tweets we'll come to see certain Vines as classics, just as certain films are classics. Once that begins to happen people will build on those classic Vines to establish a sort of Vine culture and language. Perhaps it will prove to be an interesting way to see film evolution speeded up.