Number 3 on @FastCompany's #MCP14 list: Jill Wilfert, VP for Global Licensing & Entertainment, @LEGO_Group
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Jill Wilfert

Vice president for global licensing and entertainment, Lego

Jill ­Wilfert

For making toy bricks a big-screen hit.

Lego tinkered with movie ideas for years, but the pieces took a long time to lock together. Persistence paid off: The Lego Movie, released in February, earned more than $400 million and rapturous reviews. "The brand is all about creativity and imagination," says Jill ­Wilfert. "It had to be a fantastic, entertaining movie experience above anything else. We know exactly how kids interact with the brand." Not surprisingly, a sequel is in the works.

[Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures]

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