The @HelloDoctorApp Lets You Manage Your Medical Records From Your IPhone by @AliceTruong via @FastCompany
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The Hello Doctor App Lets You Manage Your Medical Records From Your IPhone

Adding a medical document to Hello Doctor is as easy as snapping a photo.

Medical offices have long clung onto their filing cabinets and fax machines, but one company says it's time to embrace digital records.

Maayan Cohen's boyfriend was diagnosed with brain cancer four years ago. "I couldn't find any good simple tools to manage his medical records so I had to use a paper binder," she told Fast Company. "After he got better I decided that I want to create a tool that will empower people to control their medical records." So she created Hello Doctor to deal with the frustrations of lugging around binders to doctors' appointments. With the Hello Doctor iPhone app, which launched Tuesday, patients can manage their medical records across different doctors, adding new ones by scanning, emailing, importing from Dropbox, or taking a photo using the app.

Hello Doctor's iPad and iPhone appsImage: Hello Doctor

The Hello Doctor iPad app launched in October, and since its launch, Cohen said the service has been embraced by patients with complex medical ailments. Still, she said "about half of our users are young healthy techies who just hate paper and want to manage their medical records on their mobile."

There's been one major deterrent to medical offices' adoption of digital: security. To protect patients, the company says it monitors access to its servers and encrypts user data and data transfer. "We want to empower people to control their health," she says.

[Image: Flickr user Ted Eytan]

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  • Alice that looks cool. Digitizing paper and making it accessible when you need it is a big deal. We "sort of" do the same thing but with consumer products at Bawte (pronounced 'bought'). Think instructions, set up guides, how-to videos, warranties and more. Plus, instant help when things go bad. Would love your input!