There's A Painting Of Ellen's Oscar Selfie At Twitter's Headquarters

It's an internal reminder of a cultural tipping point, on canvas.

Prepare your brain for a meta explosion: Twitter has re-created the most retweeted tweet that has ever been tweeted in painting form, and it is hanging in Twitter's headquarters.

It's only natural that Twitter would continue to try to capitalize on the most memorable moment in its eight-year existence, which even managed to surpass a tweet by President Barack Obama. Ellen's Oscar selfie generated more free buzz and marketing oomph than pretty much anything, ever, in the company's history. Twitter might as well ride that wave for as long as it can, especially now that it's a public company eager to find new ways to connect to larger and larger audiences. The picture itself is reportedly worth $1 billion.

Having a portrait in the hallway also serves as an internal reminder of the cultural tipping point for what some consider a niche service. The Selfie Seen Around The World became an instant meme, with people all over re-creating it in their own images. The picture reminds staffers where Twitter came from, where it sits now in the zeitgeist, and its potential.

[Painting by Debbie Faas]

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  • Who can blame twitter for riding the wave of the Ellen Selfie! Its a pretty interesting cultural phenomena that a picture of a group of celebrities would circle the globe so quickly and with such enthusiasm. I am wondering what it says about society today!