This fall, USC will offer a Google Glass journalism class. by @cgayomali via @FastCompany
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USC Will Offer A Google Glass Journalism Class This Fall

Students will be asked to think about the future of news gathering, as well as develop new apps to aid their storytelling.

This fall, students at the University of Southern California could witness a techno-savvy fashion trend amidst a sea of flip-flops and sweatpants: Google Glass.

To wit: The university's Anneburg School of Journalism will offer a new course called Glass Journalism that aims to create apps for the wearable device to help journalists do their jobs more effectively. "The class will consist of teams (Journalist, Designer, Developer) working together to research and develop different types of news apps designed specifically for the Glass platform," writes digital journalism professor Robert Hernandez, who will be developing the curriculum.

The class aims to explore how Glass can disrupt the world of journalism, and will consider what content created by wearables means for the "article" of the future.

We've seen Glass used as a hands-free communication tool in other fields before, like medicine. Just recently, one of America's largest hospitals brought Glass into the ER. But the new course speaks to Glass's unexplored utility for storytelling. Perhaps most famously in 2013, Vice reporter Tim Pool used Glass to take photos and live-stream footage on the ground in Cairo. "Glass allows me to keep my focus," Pool told Co.Labs last year. "When I'm running, having my hands free is particularly important. When things get intense with plastic bullets, I don't want to stare at a camera, I just hit record."

[Image: Flickr user Giuseppe Costantino]

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