Remember Your First Tweet? No? This Tool Does

"caved and got a twitter"

To celebrate its 8th—yes, 8th!—birthday this month, Twitter released a new tool that goes back in time to retrieve your first tweet. Run and hide!

Many of them are, well... we'll let you decide. Here are a few from the Fast Company team:

Others were a bit ahead of the curve:

(Note: context.)

A few of these first tweets speak to the initial confusion many of us experienced when joining Twitter. What is this? What do I do with it? Do I tell people where I am? Is it like a Facebook status update? This problem still exists for new users, a problem that's prompted the company to consider getting rid of some of its tweetspeak, like @ mentions and hashtags.

That said: What was your first tweet? Were you confused too? Ahead of the game? Try the tool yourself, and let us know down below.

[Image: Wikipedia]

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